Coworking   What are we talking about?

Coworking is a sort of operating philosophy that arises in view of allowing professionals from different sectors to share a common physical and virtual workspace and where, besides the development of projects independently, new partnerships can be reinforced and sinergies created. Cost reductions is also an issue to be considered when defining Coworking. 

  Shall we share?


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Coworking workspace is a meeting point for professionals from different sectors coming together to work in the same workspace and joining sinergies.


We will report on new courses, workshops, events, etc. launched by our coworkers as well as national and international coworker community news. ….


Expand the collaboration opportunities and repercution of your business, reduce fix costs, cut prices,…in short, decrease risks.

In Coworking Maspalomas    we offer the possibility to hire a workstation in a sharing office by the hour, days, weeks or the time required. Coworking Maspalomas is a sharing workspace with other professionals, experienced and inexperienced entrepreneurs, self-employed, SMEs, freelances, start ups, etc.

In addition to the possibility of developing projects independently, a sharing office encourage collaboration, creativity, community and the networking; in short, the possibility of creating synergies, new ideas and new industrial relations which can derive in new businesses. 

Furthermore, the possibility of one-time lending of private office and meeting room or even training room for companies in need of good bussiness contacts in the South of Gran Canaria is also available.

Due to its particular geographical location, Coworking Maspalomas is open to professionals and tourism enterprises which both promote the collaboration among agents and lead to an industry productivity with the final aim of competing in the business settings.

Welcome to Coworking Maspalomas

We offer more than a workspace.

A professional workspace hire along with a friendly and constructive environment and abundant natural light; Coworking workspace located between Playa del Ingles and San Fernando de Maspalomas with fix costs and no additional fees or surprises, that will help you in saving costs; Additionally, absolute flexibility on services, with the possibility to hire by the hour, days, weeks or the time required.

A Coworking located in the South of Gran Canaria, fully renovated and  well equipped  to start to work at any time:


f you are just starting out and need a professional workspace where you can develop proffesionaly.

If you have limit resources to set up a traditional office.

If you have a nomadic life but you want to enjoy the advantages of having an office.

If you need to offer a corporate image to your customers.

If you are all day off and you need a place to put your work in order.

If you feel alone working at home and you need new collaborations or you need to be attached to the labour market and to create new synergies.

If you need a quite meeting room where you can meet with customers.

If you want to convey a more professional image.

If you need an office, supported by a secretary when needed, for welcoming customers.

If as a professional you address lessons or you want to organise an event, workshop, presentation,… and you are in need of training room.

If you have a company in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or in other location within the island or even in other neighbouring island, in the mainland or Africa and you need an office or meeting room for arranging visits with your customers located in the South of Gran Canaria.

 Do not hesitate, call us and book your workspace!

             Coworking Work Space:

Coworking Work Spaces

Fully renovate offices, with space free from walls,  outward facing and with abundant natural light, with high vaulted ceilings and with large windows where you can also show your company logo. Coworking Maspalomas is located just 30 minutes far from Gran Canaria airport, has an excelente location and unbeatable quality-to-price ratio.

The main advantage on working with us regards the flatrate which includes workspace, Wifi or cable for internet connection, cleaning service, water and electricity supply expenses, community fees, premises’ municipal taxes, etc. Additional services o supplies are on demand: printer, fax, private telephone line, scanner, etc. Private toilet is also available.


We have different one-person workspaces for any need the coworkers have:

Spacious desk with file cabinets and private key (160x80cm).

Spacious shared desk (160x80cm) with or without file cabinets for the flexible stations.

Permanence Clause is optional but adviced due to allows to enjoy the most cost-effective rates among the services offered.

To work with other professionals can generate at the same time sinergies that can lead to the creation of new businesses and opportunities.

Office and Conference room

Offices for companies or self-employees demanding a workspace for working sessions, personal interviews, hosting customers, supplier or any other issue arranged in the South of  Gran Canaria and always based on the premises of confidentiality and professionalism.

Office and Conference Room tastefully furnished, renovated, outward facing and with abundant natural light. Take advantage of an existing infrastructure of a professional office with two work places and paying only for the time needed.

Conference Room or Training Room is designed for a maximum of 6-8 participants and can be also be lend by the hour, day or week and with or  without extra services. The room  comes with blackboard, wifi internet connection, telephone and private WC.

Ideal for professionals in need of a Conference Room for a business meeting, presentation, project exhibition, workshop, conducting a course, seminars or even training courses.

We can arrange any kind of meeting or training course according to your needs. You just need to request it and we will get it running.

Coworking Maspalomas is located   in  Euro Center Mall, a professional environment in the Maspalomas touristic area. Some of the companies also located in CC Euro Center Mall regard electronic stores, law firms, languages schools, travel agencies, security academies, liability insurance association, tax consultancy, medical check-up centers, hostesses agencies, art galleries, sewing business, dental technicians, printers, call centers, coffee shops and restaurants, etc. a mall increasingly heading towards the business sector in Playa del Inglés and San Fernando.

           Office and Conference Room

Services and Rates


We have a workspace tailored to your needs, a number of options available just for you and different usage plans depending on your requirements:













  1/2 DAY




The price includes in any case:

* Wifi or cable for internet connection

* Electricity supply

* Water supply

* Cleaning service

* Professional desk with dimensions 160cm x 80cm, office chair included.

* WC or private bathroom

* Community fees

* Private security

* CCTV in the Mall 

* Free timetable (within the timetable of the agreed usage plan)

* Premises’ municipal taxes

* Customer service in Spanish, German and English.

Extra and optional services:

* Desk with file cabinetes and private key for coworkers with fix station

* Office cabinets

* Shelves with private key

* Shared fixed telephone line

* Private telephone line (to be hired)

* Office supplies: printer, scanner, blackboard, computer screen, computer keyword, document shredders….       

* Office and conference room

* Commercial address

* Postal and parcel service

* Private postbox

* Virtual office: customised telephone service, schedule management, support services in several languages.

* Big display window.

  Price on application.

Usage Plans:

COWORKING WORK SPACE:  space free from walls with several workspaces.

- Fix desk without permanence clause:  fix station, desk with file cabinetes and private key, timetable from 08:00-20:00h from Monday to Friday, with the possibility of weekend under agreement. 20 % off on rates for office and conference room.

Fix desk with permanence clause: fix station, desk with file cabinetes and private key with a minimum permanence clause of 6 months, is the lowest fare offered, timetable from 08:00-20:00h from Monday to Friday, with the possibility of weekend under agreement. 20 % off on rates for office and conference room.

- Flex desk: flexible station, with the possibility to hire by the hour, half-day, day, week or month, timetable from 09:00-19:00h from Monday to Friday.

OFFICE AND CONFERENCE ROOM: with the possibility to hire by the hour, half-day, day, week or month, timetable from 09:00-19:00h from Monday to Friday.

Office 1-2 people

Conference room 1-7 people


We are open to any other need that had not been included. Contact us, we are confident we will find a solution:



Advanced payment.

Igic not included.